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A new proposal from Derby City Council, which if accepted would see the proposed High Speed 2 railway line run through Derby, offers a glimmer of hope that the route will be deflected away from Selston, Pinxton and the site of special scientific interest at the former Bentinck Pit.


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The current proposed line will run through Strelley and Nuthall, before following the M1 and passing around the edge of Selston. A 100 metre viaduct is planned to pass over the former Bentinck Pit site, which is earmarked for a recreation park in the near future.

The new proposal, submitted by Derby City Council, and considered by the Department of Transport, will see the route pass through Derby, along existing lines, before cutting between Heanor and Belper then skirting Ripley and Alfreton.

Local councils are said to be ‘alarmed’ and ‘horrified’, with Alfreton Town Council saying:

They [members of the council] are particularly concerned the line will pass immediately alongside residential properties, including an area of land which has just been given planning permission for 149 new homes.The proposed route also takes away much-needed public open space near the historic Alfreton Park.

Steve Freeborn, leader of Ripley Town Council, said:

I don’t think many people are aware of these proposals but those who are aware are horrified. Derby City Council are doing what’s right for Derby, but they would expect me to do what’s right for Ripley and I have to disagree with them.

The Derby proposal does have its supporters, though. Belper Town Council thought the Derby route would be “more beneficial” to the area and Alan Calladine, the development officer of the Midland Railway for Butterley said:

It might be quite interesting for visitors to see something ultra-modern so close to something from the days of steam.

Whatever your views of the HS2, you should research whether the line will affect you. There are consultation events planned locally at:

  • Long Eaton, Westpark Leisure Centre on Friday 15th November 2013 (12:00 until 20:00), and Saturday 16th November 2013 (10:00 until 17:00)
  • Strelley, Bilborough College on Saturday 30th November 2013 (10:00 until 17:00)
  • South Normanton, Postmill Centre on Monday 9th December (12:00 until 20:00)

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