Dec 312013
2013 - thanks for the memories

2013 was a year that will always by in my memory, thanks to the wedding of my eldest son Jamie, to his long-time partner Alice, and four amazing holidays. My trips this year took me to the Outer Hebrides, along the railways of North Wales and return visits to Tromsø and Herm. Jamie’s and Alice’s Wedding The wedding took place on June 8th and was a day to remember. The ceremony took place in the Booking Office of the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley and was followed by lunch on a steam train, which made several journeys along the line [Read more]

Jun 122013
A day I'll never forget

Saturday 8th June 2013 was the proudest day of my life and a day I will never forget. This was the day that my eldest son, Jamie, married his long-time girlfriend and fiancée Alice Hawkins. The day began with me and my wife Sandra collecting Jamie, and his brother and best-man Luke and taking them to the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley, where the ceremony was to take place. Meanwhile, Alice and her party were assembling at her home in Eastwood preparing for the big day. The bridal party travelled to the Railway Centre on a vintage London Routemaster bus [Read more]

Jun 112013
Jamie's & Alice's Wedding (22 photos)

This gallery of photos were taken at the wedding of Jamie Rowley and Alice Hawkins held at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley with the reception at Eastwood Town Football Club. Photos were taken on Saturday 8th June 2013. [AFG_gallery id=’3′]  

Jan 312013
60 years on ...

I was born 60 years ago today in my grandparent’s small, two-up, two-down Victorian terrace on Albert Street, Eastwood. The house was part of a block with Scargill Street, Victoria Street and Princes Street forming the other sides to the ‘square’, as it was called. The house was demolished years ago, but I can still remember the tin bath hanging outside, the ‘copper’, also outside, which was the only way of heating water for the house, and the black iron kitchen ‘range’, which was the source of heating for the house and was where all the food was cooked. There [Read more]

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