Oct 012018
Weather review - September 2018

September 2018 was cooler than average (13.0°C versus an average of 13.4), wetter than average (41.40 mm versus an average total of 36.68) and windier than average (a wind run of 2502 miles versus an average of 2162). September 2018 was cooler than average with the maximum being 23.9°C recorded at 15:29 on the 2nd, 0.1°C above the average high. The minimum temperature was 3.2°C, equalling the lowest ever September temperature recorded on September 22nd 2012. The maximum temperature on the 22nd, recorded at 14:02, was only 11.9°C making it the lowest daily maximum since May 2nd, when the maximum [Read more]

Aug 012018
Weather review - July 2018

July was warmer than average (18.9°C versus an average of 16.5), drier than average (24.40 mm versus an average total of 47.33) and calmer than average (a wind run of 1700 miles versus an average of 2085). July 2018 was a very warm month with temperatures topping 20°C on all but the 29th, when the maximum only reached 19.5°C, ending a run of 35 consecutive days of above 20°C maximum temperatures, easily a record for here. The maximum temperature in the month was 31.0°C recorded at 17:35 on the 26th. This was only the fourth time that a temperature in [Read more]

May 012018
Weather review - April 2018

April 2018 was warmer and wetter than normal. This was the third warmest April recorded here and the second wettest. Winds were about average. At 18:36 on the 19th, the maximum temperature reached 24.8°C, the highest temperature since 25.0°C was recorded on July 17th 2017. This was the warmest April day ever recorded here, beating the previous highest of 24.4°C recorded on April 23rd 2011. The minimum temperature in the month was 0.4°C recorded at 07:00 on the 2nd. The average temperature for the month was 9.1°C, 0.6°C above the monthly mean. The average daily maximum temperature was 12.5°C, with [Read more]

Feb 022018
Weather review - January 2018

The first month of 2018 was warmer and wetter than average, with higher than normal winds. After two months of below average temperatures, the New Year started off well. After three drier than average months, the trend was reversed with a much wetter start to 2018. The warmest temperature of January was 13.1°C recorded at 14:03 on the 28th, with the coldest being -2.1°C recorded at 08:00 on the 8th. The average temperature for the month was 4.4°C, 0.6°C above the mean. The average daily maximum temperature was 7.0°C, 0.7°C above the mean, while the average daily minimum was 2.0°C, [Read more]

Jan 032018
Weather review - December 2017

December 2017 was a ‘below average’ month. Temperatures, rainfall and wind were all slightly below normal. The maximum temperature in the month was 11.7°C recorded at 07:19 on the 7th, 0.7°C below the average December maximum. This was the second lowest December maximum temperature, beaten only by the 8.0°C recorded in 2010. The minimum temperature was -4.1°C recorded at 09:46 on the 12th, 0.5°C below the average December minimum. This was the lowest temperature of 2017 and the lowest recorded here since -5.4°C was recorded on January 17th 2013. On the 10th, the maximum temperature only reached 0.5°C. This was [Read more]

Nov 022016
Weather review - October 2016

October 2016 was drier and less windy than average, with temperatures slightly below normal. There were no unseasonably warm spells in the month, although there were days with temperatures in the high teens. The highest temperature recorded in the month was 17.2°C at 16:32 on the 4th. The lowest temperature was 3.7°C at 09:02 on the 10th, and the month average was 10.3°C, 0.3°C below the October mean. The average daily high temperature was 13.7°C (0.2°C below the mean) and the average daily low temperature was 7.5°C (0.1°C below the mean). The warmest day was the 28th with an average [Read more]

Oct 022016
Weather review - September 2016

The trend for above average temperatures continued into September 2016 which was the hottest so far recorded here. The month was also drier than usual with lighter winds. The temperature at 16:16 on the 13th reached 28.4°C, beating the previous September best of 27.8°C set on September 30th 2011. This was also the second highest temperature of 2016, beaten only by the 30.1°C recorded on July 19th. The average temperature for the month was 15.3°C, 1.8°C above the mean. The average daily high was 19.5°C, 1.7°C above the mean. At the other end of the scale, the minimum was 7.3°C, [Read more]

Feb 012016
Weather Review - January 2016

January 2016 continued the run of unseasonally mild temperatures. The average temperature of 5.2°C was 0.2°C higher than the previous January best set in 2014, and 1.6°C higher than the January mean. The maximum recorded temperature was 13.3°C on the 24th at 15:37 and the minimum temperature was -1.6°C on the 16th at 04:07, the lowest temperature since -2.8°C was recorded on November 22nd 2015. The average maximum was 7.5°C, with the average minimum being  2.7°C. The maximum dew point was 11.8°C at 14:32 on the 24th, with the lowest dew point being -3.7°C on the 14th at 20:39. The monthly average dew point [Read more]

Oct 042014
Cold front signals return to normal temperatures

Throughout September, the weather in the British Isles was dominated by high pressure and a jet stream situated to the north of the islands. The jet stream’s position blocked the colder air from the Arctic from sinking over the country keeping the temperature several degrees above normal. September’s average temperature was 0.7°C above normal, and this continued over the first three days of October, which also had temperatures above normal. Despite the cold air block, temperatures in September were not spectacularly high, with a maximum of 21.8°C recorded on the 18th. This is considerably lower than the September record of [Read more]

Nov 202013
First real signs of Winter

The first half of November 2013 saw fairly typical weather patterns. Temperatures were around average and rainfall amounts were slightly below normal. There had been no air frosts, and few ground frosts recorded. Over the last few days, the first real signs that Winter is on the way were noticed when a Cold Front drifted south over the area, bringing with it much colder winds from the Arctic. As usual, the media were exaggerating the weather forecasts, promising us the worst weather since 1947, and three months of heavy snow. Needless to say, these wildly exaggerated stories show no signs of [Read more]

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