Mar 032017
Weather review - February 2017

February 2017 was 2.5°C warmer than average, with a maximum temperature of 14.6°C. Rainfall was slightly below average and only 3.5 mm of snow was noted. Winds were average, even though an all-time record wind gust of 50 mph was recorded. The maximum temperature in the month was 14.6°C recorded at 13:46 on the 20th. This was the second highest February temperature, only beaten by the 15.6°C recorded on February 23rd 2012. The minimum temperature was -1.6°C recorded at 10:25 on the 6th, with the monthly average being 5.6°C, 1.4°C above the mean. This was the second highest February monthly average, beaten [Read more]

Sep 012016
Weather review - August 2016

August 2016 was a month of above average temperatures and lower than average rainfall, despite over 35 millimetres of rain falling in the last 13 days. Winds were slightly higher than normal for the time of year. The highest temperature occurred on the 23rd at 17:00, when the thermometer reached 27.2°C, making it the second warmest day of the year, beaten only by the 30.1°C recorded on July 19th. The minimum temperature was 7.6°C recorded at 05:38 on the 9th, and the average for the month was 16.3°C, the highest August average ever recorded here, beating the mean by 0.9°C. [Read more]

Jun 032016
Weather review - May 2016

May 2016 was a month of above average temperatures and light winds. Rainfall totals were well below average. The end of the month finished on a very cold theme. The maximum temperature of 10.3°C, recorded at 14:10 on the 25th, was the lowest maximum temperature ever recorded here in the last week of May. The maximum temperature of 11.8°C, recorded at 11:39 on the 31st, was the lowest maximum temperature ever recorded here on the last day of May. The average temperature in the month was 11.7°C, 0.6°C above the mean, only 2014 being warmer at 11.8°C. The maximum temperature [Read more]

Apr 022016
Weather Review - March 2016

March 2016 saw temperatures slightly below average and the wettest March so far recorded here. Winds were lighter than average for the time of year. The average temperature in the month was 5.3°C, compared to the monthly mean of 5.7°C. The highest temperature recorded was 12.9°C at 15:11 on the 26th, with the lowest temperature being -2.7°C at 02:20 on the 8th. The average daily high of 8.7°C was 0.8°C below the mean of 9.5, while the average daily low was 2.1, 0.2°C below the mean. The high wind chill temperature was 11.7°C, the average was 4.1°C and the low [Read more]

Mar 022015
Weather review - February 2015

February 2015 was cooler and sunnier than average. Rainfall and snowfall were both less than average and winds were lighter than normal. This was also the first month since August 2014 to record below average temperatures. The warmest day was reserved for the last day when the temperature reached 10.1°C at 13:00. The lowest temperature recorded was -3.5°C at 02:54 on the 2nd, the lowest since -3.7°C was recorded on March 14th 2013. The average temperature for the month was 3.5°C, 0.4°C lower than the mean for February. The average daily maximum was 6.3°C, 0.2°C below the mean, and the [Read more]

Dec 272014
Weather bomb dumps 9 cms of snow on Selston

A weather bomb is defined as an intense low pressure system with a central pressure that falls 24 millibars in a 24-hour period. This phenomenon is known to meteorologists as ‘explosive cyclogenesis’ and often leads to high winds and heavy rain, or snow, if the temperature is low enough. On Boxing Day evening, this is exactly what happened as the ‘bomb’ tracked across North Wales, the North Midlands and South Yorkshire. Unfortunately, the southern edge of the system passed over Bracken House resulting in nine centimetres of snow falling between 17:00 and 02:00 the following morning. The maximum pressure recorded was 1030.0 [Read more]

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