Mar 032017
Weather review - February 2017

February 2017 was 2.5°C warmer than average, with a maximum temperature of 14.6°C. Rainfall was slightly below average and only 3.5 mm of snow was noted. Winds were average, even though an all-time record wind gust of 50 mph was recorded. The maximum temperature in the month was 14.6°C recorded at 13:46 on the 20th. This was the second highest February temperature, only beaten by the 15.6°C recorded on February 23rd 2012. The minimum temperature was -1.6°C recorded at 10:25 on the 6th, with the monthly average being 5.6°C, 1.4°C above the mean. This was the second highest February monthly average, beaten [Read more]

Sep 012016
Weather review - August 2016

August 2016 was a month of above average temperatures and lower than average rainfall, despite over 35 millimetres of rain falling in the last 13 days. Winds were slightly higher than normal for the time of year. The highest temperature occurred on the 23rd at 17:00, when the thermometer reached 27.2°C, making it the second warmest day of the year, beaten only by the 30.1°C recorded on July 19th. The minimum temperature was 7.6°C recorded at 05:38 on the 9th, and the average for the month was 16.3°C, the highest August average ever recorded here, beating the mean by 0.9°C. [Read more]

May 012016
Weather Review - April 2016

April 2016 was a cold month – only April of 2012 being colder. Winds and rainfall were slightly below average and the only snow that fell was towards the end of the month when cold Arctic air brought snow and hail showers, which were quick to disappear. The average temperature in the month was 6.7°C, 0.2°C higher than in 2012 and 1.7°C below the mean. The maximum temperature was 15.3°C at 15:36 on the 13th. This was the lowest maximum in April, the previous low being 16.3°C in 2012. The minimum temperature was -1.7°C at 05:45 on the 28th. This [Read more]

Jan 012016
Weather Review - December 2015

December 2015 was a remarkable month. One area of low pressure after another swept in from the Atlantic bringing gale force winds, high rainfall and exceptionally mild temperatures. The average temperature in the month was 9.0°C, 5.2°C higher than the December mean and 3.2°C higher than the previous mildest December in 2013. The maximum temperature was 14.8°C at 08:01 on the 19th, with the 7th, 16th and 17th also beating the previous high of 13.0°C set on December 18th 2014. The maximum temperature of 12.9°C, recorded at 19:36, beat the previous warmest Christmas Day record, set in 2011, by 0.7°C, [Read more]

Dec 032015
Weather review - November 2015

November 2015 was a windy and dull month with above average temperatures and rainfall. The maximum temperature of 16.3°C, recorded on the 10th at 13:14, was the highest ever November temperature here, beating the 16.2°C set in 2010. The maximum temperature on that day was 16.3°C, the minimum temperature was 13.8°C, and the average for the day was 15.1°C (mean 7°C). The minimum temperature fell to -2.8°C at 03:01 on the 22nd, the lowest since -3.5°C was recorded on February 2nd 2015. The average daily high temperature was 11.4°C (mean 9.5°C) and the average daily low temperature was 5.8°C (mean [Read more]

Aug 012015
Weather review - July 2015

Due to software and hardware problems, the station software was changed from Weather Display for Windows to WeatherCat for Mac. This was a major change of systems and as a result, no data was recorded from July 10th until July 12th. As a result of the system change, some features are no longer available to the site, but there are many new and improved features. All of the old data is still available on the new site, although some features will look different The problems weren’t sufficient to lose data on the hottest day ever recorded here, neither did they [Read more]

Mar 082015
Winter was drier, sunnier and warmer than usual

The meteorological Winter ended on February 28th and records show that it was another mild season with below average rainfall. There were only three occasions when a significant snowfall was recorded, and the deepest recorded snow depth was only 9.0 centimetres. The average temperature for the season, which covers December, January and February, was 4.0°C, 0.3°C above the norm for this site. The highest temperature was 14.0°C and the lowest was -3.5°C. The average high temperature was 6.9°C, 0.6°C above the norm, and the average low temperature was 1.4°C, 0.1°C above the norm. Rainfall was only 98.0 millimetres, well below the average of [Read more]

Jan 292015
Dramatic temperature plunge heralds arrival of Arctic air

After six days of relatively mild conditions, a cold front swept down the country on the 28th bringing cold air from the Arctic across most of the country. Although widely predicted, the rapid drop in temperatures was surprising. The chart below plots temperature and dew point readings sent from the Bracken House weather station to Weather Underground, and shows the dramatic fall in temperatures between 09:30 and 10:00. Between 09:33 and 10:00, the temperature fell from 8.6°C to 3.7°C, a fall of 4.9°C in 27 minutes. As can be seen on the graph, even after the cold front passed, the temperature [Read more]

Nov 012014
Weather review - October 2014

Apart from the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo passing over the country on the 21st, creating a record wind gust for October, the month was decidedly average. Temperatures were slightly above average and rainfall amounts were exactly on average for the month. The maximum temperature in October was 19.1°C at 16:10 on the 3rd, with the minimum temperature being 2.8°C on the 12th at 08:02. This minimum is the lowest temperature since May 3rd when the thermometer fell to 0.6°C. This was also the first ground frost of the 2014/15 season, and the earliest a ground frost has been recorded here. [Read more]

Aug 012014
Weather review - July 2014

July 2014 was the sunniest so far recorded at Bracken House, though it wasn’t as warm as July 2013. Rainfall in the month was well below average. The maximum temperature in the month was 27.6°C on the 26th at 15:49. This was a yearly high after a previous yearly high of 25.9°C was recorded on four separate days earlier in the month. The minimum temperature was 9.0°C recorded on the 7th at 05:23, and the average for the month was 17.5°C, 1.1°C higher than the monthly mean. This was the 8th successive month when above average monthly temperatures were recorded, [Read more]

Jul 012014
Weather review - June 2014

June 2014 was an average month with no record-breaking weather. The month was warmer and drier than average with very light winds. The maximum temperature for the month was 23.6°C, the highest of 2014 so far, recorded on the 23rd at 16:04, and the minimum temperature was 6.0°C on the 6th at 04:54. The monthly average was 14.8°C, 0.8°C higher than normal, with the average high being 19.2°C and the average low 10.5°C. The average dew-point was 11.4°C and the maximum heat index was 25.2°C at 19:25 on the 20th. There were 105.7 sunshine hours in the month, slightly lower [Read more]

Jun 022014
Weather review - May 2014

May 2014 was milder and wetter than average with lighter winds than normal. The average temperature for the month was 11.8°C, 0.8°C above the normal. The maximum temperature was 22.7°C recorded at 14:18 on the 19th. The minimum temperature was 0.6°C recorded at 04:35 on the 3rd. The warmest spell was between the 15th and the 19th when the yearly record temperature was broken every day. The highest dew point of the year was recorded on the 19th at 14.6°C, with the average dewpoint being 8.7°C. The average high temperature for the month was 15.8°C, 0.4°C higher than normal. The [Read more]

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