Oct 012017
Weather review - September 2017

September 2017 was the second wettest ever recorded here with rain being recorded on 23 days. Temperatures were below normal and winds were slightly below average. The maximum temperature in the month was 21.2°C recorded at 18:11 on the 4th, 2.6°C below the average monthly maximum. The minimum temperature was 4.8°C recorded at 08:04 on the 19th, 0.5°C below the average minimum for September. This was the lowest temperature since 4.1°C was recorded on May 11th 2017. The average temperature in the month was 12.7°C, 0.7°C below the September mean. The average daily maximum was 16.9°C, 0.8°C below the mean, [Read more]

Oct 052013
First and last frost days

With winter approaching, now is the proper time to take a look at when frost has arrived at Bracken House since records began in October 2009. There are two types of frosts that are mentioned in weather forecasts, air frost and ground frost. An air frost is when the temperature at a height of about four feet from the ground level falls below 0°C. A ground frost is when the temperature at ground level reaches 0°C. In some cases, a ground frost is recorded when the air temperature is 5°C. In the table below, I have assumed that ground frost [Read more]

Sep 042013
Weather review - August 2013

August 2013 was the warmest, driest and least windy August ever recorded at Bracken House. On the first day of the month, the temperature reached 29.9°C at 17:38. This was the highest ever recorded here, beating the previous best of 29.0°C recorded on the 13th July. The minimum temperature recorded was 8.6°C on the 31st at 06:42, the highest minimum ever recorded in August. The average temperature for the month was 16.2°C, also a station record for August. The average high temperature was 20.9°C and the average low temperature was 12.2°C. The mean temperature for August is now 15.4°C. The average dew-point [Read more]

May 292013
Rhubarb and asparagus make welcome return to table

Despite the very cold Spring, the plants in the garden at Bracken House are finally starting to catch up. After five months of below average temperatures, plants have been very slow to burst into leaf and flower, but they are now showing signs of catching up. In the vegetable patch, everything is now sown and planted. Asparagus has already been harvested, and lettuce and radish will soon be ready. The peas have disappointed so far, but a few new plants and more seed sowing should have sorted that out. Some of the sweet corn has also been replaced. In the [Read more]

Jan 152013
Late night high temperatures

Yesterday’s high temperature of 1.4°C was recorded as late at 23:02 after a strong north-westerly breeze picked up during the evening. The highest wind gust yesterday was 17.0 mph recorded at 23:44. After this peak, the temperature started to fall, reaching a low of -2.1°C at 05:48, before the temperature started the struggle to reach positive figures. After the five centimetre snowfall on Monday (14th), the first snowfall of 2013, only a light dusting fell overnight into Tuesday.

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