Mar 092013

After years of political wrangling and protests, the Nottinghamshire County Council Planning Committee gave the go-ahead to ambitious plans to create an outdoor recreation park at Bentinck Tip, just outside Selston. Local activists successfully fought plans to create a huge landfill site when the Council past plans in November 2012.

Great Crested Newt

Great Crested Newt (Photo credit: wildlifewanderer)

100 new jobs were planned for the site which would give a major boost to the local economy. The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have been involved in discussions to make sure care is taken to protect the large diversity of wildlife present at the site.

Plans for the site also include a golf course, sports fields, lakes, parkland and educational facilities, as well as a visitors centre. The surrounding area is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and great care has been taken to make sure protected species like the Great Crested Newts and Little Ringed Plovers are safeguarded.

The efforts of all involved have now been dealt a serious blow after it was announced that the new High Speed 2 railway line will pass right through the site. Local residents and council officials are concerned that the new rail line will seriously harm development of the site.

English: Gate and fields, Selston. Looking nor...

Gate and fields, Selston. Looking north east towards what is noted as Kirkby Park. The M1 (J28) just appears on the left of the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local independent councillor Gail Turner said in Selston Community News magazine: “I am personally very upset and everyone I have spoken to is extremely disappointed. I am writing to the Secretary of State for Transport regarding this matter and I am more than willing to meet him to discuss this face to face.

Later in the year, there will be an opportunity to comment through a public consultation and I will keep everyone informed but as yet, I am unsure of the process but I am busy finding out.”

It is clear from the planned route of the railway that Selston and the surrounding area would be seriously affected for many years during the building of the line and residents could well have to endure noise and pollution should the line open in 2032.

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