Jan 052016
2015 - a stay at home year

Despite having over a dozen overseas places on my ‘must visit’ list, 2015 was a year in which I stayed on these shores, unless you count the Channel Islands as abroad. Although outside of the United Kingdom, I don’t regard our annual holiday in Herm as a trip overseas. Holidays Apart from a day trip to Llandudno in April, my first holiday was a repeat trip to the Outer Hebrides, this time on an organised rail and coach trip. The last time I was in the Hebrides, Sandra and I flew there and drove the length of the Isles from Barra to Stornaway. [Read more]

May 272015
Hebridean Islands Discovery

During early May, I went on a touring holiday of the Hebrides organised by Railtrail, who I toured North Wales with a couple of years ago. This is a report of my holiday. Day 1 – West Coast main line Instead of going directly to Glasgow, where the tour was to start, I decided to go to London and travel up to Glasgow on the West Coast main line. I went down to St Pancras on the 07:48 East Midlands train from Alfreton, arriving in London around 10:15. This journey was comfortable and uneventful and the train arrived on time. [Read more]

Jul 052012
Tromsø day 3 - the Midnight Sun

Today was the day I had set out to see the Midnight Sun. The weather forecast was good, and the rain clouds were likely to disperse around midday. I wasn’t disappointed. After breakfast from the cold buffet, I took the bus to the Botanic Gardens. These were quite impressive and included hardy plants from all over the World. There were separate sections dedicated to different areas and I had a pleasant two hours there. When I returned to the city, I freshened up and headed out for a meal at the Fiskekompani restaurant next door to my hotel. Although very [Read more]

Jul 022012
Tromsø day 1 - the rain has followed me

After a 13 hour journey, I finally arrived at my hotel in Tromsø. I am staying at the Clarion Collection With Hotel – pronounced with a silent ‘h’, as in wit. The hotel is right on the harbour, with great views of the Tromsø Bridge, or there would be if it wasn’t so misty. It has poured with rain since I arrived in the town, and it looks set for the night. No Midnight Sun today. I left home this morning at 05:15 and arrived at Heathrow at 08:30, an hour later than planned due to the traffic. After checking [Read more]

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