Jul 022012

After a 13 hour journey, I finally arrived at my hotel in Tromsø. I am staying at the Clarion Collection With Hotel – pronounced with a silent ‘h’, as in wit. The hotel is right on the harbour, with great views of the Tromsø Bridge, or there would be if it wasn’t so misty. It has poured with rain since I arrived in the town, and it looks set for the night. No Midnight Sun today.

I left home this morning at 05:15 and arrived at Heathrow at 08:30, an hour later than planned due to the traffic. After checking in and grabbing a quick Carling (£4.05 a pint), I boarded the flight to Oslo. The flight was uneventful and we touched down five minutes ahead of schedule.

English: Arctic Beer from the Mack brewery in ...

Arctic Beer from the Mack brewery in Tromsø, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a two hour wait, I was on the flight to Tromsø, a shorter flight at just under two hours. Again an uneventful flight, although there were some glimpses of snow covered peaks under the cloud layer.

A short bus journey from the airport took me to my hotel. I have a double room to myself overlooking the bridge and the harbour. The hotel is clean and first impressions are good. I freshened up before heading downstairs for the free buffet supper, which consisted of a chicken casserole, chicken soup and a cold selection of ham, cheese and various salads. There was also fresh bread and crackers.

I washed the supper down with a couple of cans of the local brew from Mack Brewery. I went for the Summer Beer, which was a light lager type beer. Went down well, but I shudder to think how much it cost as I added it to my room bill.

After picking up a couple of leaflets, I adjourned to my room for an early night, hoping that the rain will blow over so that I get to see the Sun in the morning. Fingers crossed.

Day 2 – beer and rainbows

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