Feb 232014

According to provisional figures from the Met Office, the United Kingdom received 486.8 millimetres of rain between 1st December 2013 and 19th February 2014, making it the wettest Winter ever. This beat the previous record of 485.1 millimetres of rain set in 1995. With the meteorological Winter not due to end until the last day of February, the total rainfall amount could easily top 500 millimetres.

While the worst affected areas have been Wales, the West Country and Southern England, the East Midlands has escaped the worst of the downpours and floods. But, how wet has it been in Selston? Well, despite what you may think, the rainfall in Selston has been only 169.2 millimetres during the same period. I say only, but this is easily the wettest Winter ever recorded at Bracken House, the previous wettest being last Winter, December 2012 to February 2013, when 140.8 millimetres of precipitation was recorded.

English: Flooding in Bucklebury The scene in t...

Flooding in Bucklebury The scene in the village following 80 millimetres of rain during the morning and early afternoon. All the village was flooded from here down to the River Pang. It had been a lot more dramatic than this earlier in the day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not surprisingly, considering the seemingly endless run of Atlantic storms, this Winter is set to be the windiest so far recorded here. Unless an unexpected cold snap descends on the area between now and the end of the month, the Winter could also become the mildest ever recorded at Bracken House.

The mild and wet Winter will prove to be beneficial to wildlife with many insects and small mammals surviving the winter months. Plants are already a couple of weeks ahead of where they should be at the end of February, and the grass is already growing in the grazing fields surrounding the house.


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