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In July 2012, Sandra and I visited the picture perfect Channel Island of Herm for a week’s holiday. We stayed in a self catering cottage in the Manor Village, which was at the top of a steep road leading down to the harbour, hotel, pub and shops. This year, we decided to stay in the hotel which is situated beside the picturesque harbour, therefore avoiding the hill.

Harbour view

Harbour view (Photo credit: Alan Rowley Photos)

We spent the first night of our holiday in Moores Hotel in St Peter Port before taking an early ferry to Herm. We had stayed in the Moore’s about 30 years ago when we holidayed in Guernsey. It was while here that we paid our first visit to Herm, for the day, although I could barely remember the place.

We booked the Crow’s Nest room in the White House Hotel, Herm, which is situated at the top of the hotel, in the attic.The room has a small balcony and looks out to Guernsey and the West. We watched some fantastic sunsets, the boats arriving and departing and the tides ebbing and flowing, all from our room.

Sunsetting at the harbour

Sunsetting at the harbour (Photo credit: Alan Rowley Photos)

The hotel itself was excellent. Who could resist a visit when you read the following on their website:

Tradition is cherished at the family owned, country house-style hotel to which many families have come for three generations. You’ll find a variety of delightful bedrooms, including the luxurious Crow’s Nest Suite, Harbour Cottage with its own garden and family accommodation with separate bedrooms for the children. You won’t find televisions, clocks or telephones, as somehow they don’t seem right on Herm.

The hotel encourages you to unwind. You could have tea served by the pool in the garden, play a game of croquet or tennis, enjoy an apéritif in the Monk’s Bar or choose one of the many sofas in a cosy lounge and curl up in front of the fire with a coffee and a good book.

White House Hotel

White House Hotel (Photo credit: Alan Rowley Photos)

We didn’t need to curl up in front of the fire as the weather was fine on all the five days that we were there. It only rained on the evening before we returned home, but we were already back at the hotel when it started, and it had cleared by morning.

During our stay, we had some lovely food, both in the hotel and the Mermaid Tavern, a few yards away. On our last day, we treated ourselves to the Black Rock Grill where your food is served uncooked along with a hot lava rock on which you do your cooking. Along with beef and lamb, we tried kangaroo for the first time. There was also ostrich, Springbok and shark on the menu.

The Ship Inn, part of the hotel, served up some excellent cream teas, and the popular Shell Beach and Belvoir Beach both have nice little cafes literally on the beach.

View from my bed

View from my bed (Photo credit: Alan Rowley Photos)

Herm is an amazing place to visit, especially for keen photographers as a stunning vista awaits around every corner. A walk around the island can be accomplished in less than three hours and you will be rewarded by grasslands and dunes to the north of the island and high cliffs to the south, where gulls glide effortlessly on the warm sea breezes. If you’re really lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the elusive puffins, which nest in the cliffs.

Belvoir and Shell Beaches

Belvoir and Shell Beaches (Photo credit: Alan Rowley Photos)

Herm is one of the few places where I have been on holiday that I haven’t wanted to return from after a week. It is so peaceful and tranquil that I could stay there forever. Unfortunately, our stay on Herm was soon over, but before we left, I made enquiries about 2014. We will definitely be back for our third trip to paradise.

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