Jul 042013

Since I bought a webcam for my weather station a couple of years ago, I have been interested in time-lapse photography. My weather station software uses still images taken by the webcam and makes them into a video. Every ten minutes, hour, day and year, a video is produced and uploaded to my weather site.

Bracken House Weather videos page

While these videos show some interesting weather events, I have recently been experimenting with creating my own time-lapse videos. For my first experiments, I chose the island of Herm in the Channel Islands.

I downloaded an application called Webcam Time Lapse and installed it on my Mac Pro. This application takes still images from internet webcams and makes them into a time-lapse video. My first attempt was this one …

This is a time-lapse video showing 24 hours of Herm harbour compiled using still images from the official Herm website webcam (www.herm.com). The video was produced using the Webcam Time Lapse application and edited using iMovie.

When I visited Herm during June 2013, I decided to make my own time-lapse using photographs I had taken myself. I placed my Sony a77 camera on a tripod and positioned it on the balcony of my hotel room. I pointed the camera over the water towards Guernsey to a place where the sun was setting.

Using an application called Triggertrap, and a dongle which you can buy for the application, i connected my iPhone to my camera and set the application up to take images at five second intervals over the course of thirty minutes. This is the result …

The 360 images taken were made into a slideshow using the excellent Aperture software running on my Mac Pro. I then added a titles and credits page and the time-lapse video was ready to export to You Tube.

I have already produced another time-lapse of the Portmeirion Hotel in North Wales, using images from their website, and I hope to produce more videos of my own images when I visit the Outer Hebrides in July.

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