Dec 132016
Tromsø in Winter (136 photos)

Between December 5th and 9th 2013, I spent four days in Tromsø, Norway, with friends Sue and Simon, hoping to see the Northern Lights. This is a photo album of our trip. This is the first 100 photos in the gallery. To see the other 36, go to the Flickr page here. Related articles Everything you need to know about visiting the Arctic

Mar 212015
An aurora, an eclipse and an equinox

This week has been an exciting week for astronomers and skywatchers in the East Midlands. Within the space of four days, we saw a display of the Aurora Borealis, normally reserved for higher latitudes, as far south as Derbyshire, and a partial solar eclipse with 90% coverage. March 20th was also the spring equinox, the day when the Sun crosses the equator and moves above the Northern Hemisphere. The action started earlier in the week when a geomagnetic storm on the surface of the Sun produced a massive solar flare which collided with the Earth’s atmosphere on the evening of March 17th. The [Read more]

Dec 112013
Tromsø in Winter

Following a very enjoyable early December holiday in Alta last year, where I saw a wonderful display of the Aurora Borealis, I decided to visit Norway again this year. Having visited the city of Tromsø in July 2012, I decided that I would return to the city to see the Polar Night, as well as attempting to view the Northern Lights. I booked a holiday, with my friends Sue and Simon, arriving in Tromsø on Thursday December 5th 2013, and returning on Monday 9th. Our holiday was arranged by Taber Holidays, who arranged my previous visit to Tromsø, as well as my Alta [Read more]

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