Aug 302015
Land of castles and islands

Following holidays in the Outer Hebrides and Herm, I chose Northumberland in mid-August for my final week away for 2015. This was a county that I had travelled through on the East Coast train line several times, but I had never stopped there. I had been told by many people that the county was a picturesque place, and so it turned out. Lapwing 43, our caravan for the week Sandra and I stayed in a luxury caravan at Seafields Caravan Park on the edge of the village of Seahouses, a pretty coastal village with an attractive harbour with views out to [Read more]

Oct 042014
Cold front signals return to normal temperatures

Throughout September, the weather in the British Isles was dominated by high pressure and a jet stream situated to the north of the islands. The jet stream’s position blocked the colder air from the Arctic from sinking over the country keeping the temperature several degrees above normal. September’s average temperature was 0.7°C above normal, and this continued over the first three days of October, which also had temperatures above normal. Despite the cold air block, temperatures in September were not spectacularly high, with a maximum of 21.8°C recorded on the 18th. This is considerably lower than the September record of [Read more]

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