Mar 082015

The meteorological Winter ended on February 28th and records show that it was another mild season with below average rainfall. There were only three occasions when a significant snowfall was recorded, and the deepest recorded snow depth was only 9.0 centimetres.

The average temperature for the season, which covers December, January and February, was 4.0°C, 0.3°C above the norm for this site. The highest temperature was 14.0°C and the lowest was -3.5°C. The average high temperature was 6.9°C, 0.6°C above the norm, and the average low temperature was 1.4°C, 0.1°C above the norm.

Sunrise on the birch trees

The Sun rises through the silver birch trees at Bracken House.

Rainfall was only 98.0 millimetres, well below the average of 129.1 millimetres, and a whopping 80.0 millimetres less than the Winter of 2013 / 2014. The only notable snowfalls were December 26th / 27th when 9.0 centimetres fell, January 22nd when 3.0 centimetres fell and January 29th / 30th when 5.6 centimetres fell.

Frost on the gate

A snow covered paddock at Bracken House.

Winds were higher than average in the Winter season with the average wind speed being 5.5 mph, 0.4 mph above the mean.

Sunshine hours in the season totalled 201.8 hours, 21.9 hours more than the previous Winter.

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