Jun 022017
Weather review - May 2017

May 2017 was warmer than the average, with rainfall totals below normal. Winds were lighter than average. So far this year, only January has recorded average temperatures below normal. The highest temperature in the month was 25.2°C recorded at 15:39 on the 25th. This was the highest temperature since 25.7°C was recorded on September 14th 2016. The lowest temperature in the month was 2.1°C recorded at 06:32 on the 10th. The average for the month was 12.6°C, 1.3°C above the mean. The average daily high temperature was 17.0°C, 1.5°C above the mean, with the average daily low temperature being 8.6°C, [Read more]

Apr 022017
Weather review - March 2017

March 2017 was the warmest March ever recorded here. Temperatures were 2.0°C above the average. Rainfall was above average and no snow or frost was recorded. This was the first March that the minimum temperature was above freezing. Winds were stronger than average. The highest temperature in the month was 18.3°C at 17:24 on the 30th, the highest temperature since 20.3°C was recorded on September 28th 2016. The lowest temperature was 0.5°C at 02:12 on the 2nd. This is the highest minimum March temperature ever recorded, beating the previous high of -0.3°C set in 2012. The average temperature in the [Read more]

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