Feb 012013

January 2013 was cooler and drier than average. In fact, the month was the driest January recorded at this station, beating the previous driest set in 2010. Despite a warm spell at the end of the month when the highest January temperature was recorded, January was cooler than average.

The month started off on the mild side with January 5th being the fourth successive day that the temperature topped 10°C – a first for January. The highest temperature recorded was 13.3°C on the 29th at 16:31, beating the previous best of 12.2°C, set on January 13th 2011. The lowest temperature recorded was on the 16th at 07:28, when the thermometer dropped to -6.3°C. This was only 0.2°C warmer than the lowest ever recorded here in January at 06:38 on 7th January 2010. Also on the 16th, the temperature high was -1.6°C at 14:04, making it the third coldest day recorded, only beaten by the -2.2°C on December 20th, and the -2.8°C on December 18th, both in 2010. The average temperature for the 16th was -4.3°C. The average temperature for the month was 3.0°C, 0.2°C lower than the January average. There were 52.1 hours of sunshine, surprisingly beating June 2012’s total of 50.7 hours, which remains the lowest in the last 12 months. There were 17 frost days.

29.0 millimetres of precipitation was recorded in the month, compared to an average of 32.0 millimetres. The previous driest January was in 2010 when 30.8 millimetres of precipitation was recorded. There was precipitation on 17 days in the month, with the most being recorded on the 16th. 14.6 millimetres was measured on this day, of which at least 8.0 millimetres was snow melt. Evapotranspiration for the month was 11.3 millimetres, higher than December 2012’s low of 10.2 millimetres.

The first snowfall of 2013 occurred on the 13th when a light dusting fell overnight, but this mostly thawed during the day. Snow fell on 10 days, with the most being 6.3 centimetres on the 21st – the highest daily snowfall since February 4th 2012, and the highest this snow season. Overnight on the 25th / 26th, 9.0 centimetres fell, making the snow depth 16 centimetres in undisturbed places. At 07:23 on the 26th, the temperature dropped to -0.1°C for a couple of minutes. This made it the 17th consecutive day of sub-zero temperatures – a record for this weather station.

Winds were slightly stronger than average – 4.7 mph, against an average of 4.5 mph. The maximum wind speed was 26.5 mph from 293°(WNW) on the 30th at 14:02, with the maximum gust speed being 40.3 mph from the same direction one minute earlier. The average gust speed for the month was 7.3 mph. The total wind run for the month was 3391.2 miles.

The maximum barometric pressure for January was 1035.4 millibars on the 4th at 11:40, with the lowest being 985.0 millibars on the 27th at 04:53. The average barometric pressure for the month was 1011.5 millibars, the lowest for January.

Weather graph - January 2013

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