Mar 062013

There are signs all over the gardens at Bracken House that Spring is here. In the front garden, clumps of snowdrops are brightening up the borders and daffodils have made a welcome return under the laurel hedge.

The first cuttings of the lawn areas took place this week with the front and rear lawns both having an early trim. We use a Robomower to cut the lawns, so once the machine, affectionately called ‘Horace’, has been positioned on the lawn, he can be left to do his work.

Horace the Robomower cutting the edge of the front lawn.

Horace the Robomower cutting the edge of the front lawn.

The wildflower meadows at the rear of the house have finally been cut – a job started back in November, but never completed because of the constant rain. You can hardly tell we had such a wet end to 2012 now. The meadows are completely dry and need a little rain to kick-start the growth.

The hedge at the front of the house has now been tidied up at the bottom after being cut a couple of weeks ago. The nettles have been sprayed and young hawthorn bushes are ready to go in when the rains arrive. The base of the hedge will be a great place for some snowdrops, bluebells and crocus for next Spring.

The rear hedge is due to be cut this week and the main gate at the top of the drive is being repaired. Next week I intend to start work on the vegetable patch, including the installation of a plastic growhouse to grow a couple of tomato and pepper plants.

This is the busiest time of the year for a gardener, so fingers crossed for some suitable gardening weather.


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